New solution delivers end-to-end Zero Trust security to prevent and stop the spread of breaches

Appgate and Illumio have introduced what they say is the industry’s first integrated Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) and Zero Trust Segmentation (ZTS) solution that protects network connectivity and stops breaches from spreading across hybrid infrastructures and applications to make organizations more resilient to cyberattacks.

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The new solution integrates Appgate SDP, a leading ZTNA solution, with Illumio Core, a leading ZTS solution, allowing enterprises to create Zero Trust access policies that adapt in real-time to changes in the application environment. As workloads change within Illumio, Appgate SDP automatically detects adjustments to quickly and transparently update the correct level of user access without requiring user action. This prevents security teams from having to rewrite rules as IP addresses change, ultimately saving time and resources.

The Appgate and Illumio joint ZTNA and ZTS solution delivers key benefits including:

· Automated policy updates that save time and allow organizations to scale. Using metadata from Illumio, Appgate SDP automatically adjusts user permissions to only allow access to the set of workloads authorized by its policies.

· Granular controls that stop breaches from spreading. The solution maintains least privilege access between users and specific application workloads across any combination of hybrid infrastructure, from on-premises to data centers to the cloud.

· Comprehensive Zero Trust security to increase organizations’ resilience to cyberattacks. ZTNA contains breaches from accessing certain areas of the network, while ZTS prevents breaches from moving throughout the network – providing holistic Zero Trust controls and reducing risk.

“Our technology alliance with Illumio allows us to quickly bring to market a unique, best-of-breed joint solution that harnesses the collective power of our proven Zero Trust security platforms,” said Tony Zirnoon, CISSP, Head of Strategic Alliances and Partnerships, Appgate. “The fusion of north-south policy from Appgate SDP and east-west policy from Illumio Core builds a unified picture of identity-aware, contextual access policies to accelerate Zero Trust maturity and seamlessly secure hybrid enterprise architectures.”

In a hybrid world, organizations are more interconnected and vulnerable to attack – in fact, in the past two years 76 percent of organizations have experienced a ransomware attack. Now, the industry is adopting an “assume breach” mindset, accepting that breaches are inevitable, and building policies that proactively contain cyberattacks to minimize their impact (i.e., Zero Trust). ZTNA and ZTS are two essential pillars in any Zero Trust strategy and they’re now available as a joint solution for the first time.

“Illumio protects more than two million workloads for the world’s leading organizations. Security teams are able to scale Illumio Core because it uses real-time data to update security policy automatically – and now, Appgate can leverage this data too,” said John Skinner, VP of Business Development at Illumio. “With Appgate and Illumio’s joint solution, organizations can implement Zero Trust controls that automatically adjust with the network and cover both the interior network and the perimeter. By bringing ZTS and ZTNA capabilities together, organizations can accelerate their Zero Trust projects and maximize cyber resilience.”

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